About Preppaamo

Are you looking for new opportunities to boost yourself? Preppaamo offers you a chance to find your passion and improve your skills in a cultural environment and a live music venue Rytmikorjaamo which is located in Seinäjoki. In Preppaamo, you will gain new skills by doing things yourself.

The goal of Preppaamo is to find you a right area of work or study with culture in future. After Preppaamo you should have the sufficient knowledge and basic skill levels of the field you are interested in. This will help you to find a job or continue your studies afterwards.

The duration of Preppaamo is around four months. The time will be divided in a three different sections: introduction (4 weeks), advanced special studies (10 weeks) and final sessions (2 weeks), in which we will help you to take the next steps to find your place in the future.

You can apply in Preppaamo by sending us an application. We will be in touch with you. If you need more information, please send a message to Pekko or Petteri. You can find their contact information in the end of this page.

You only need to send us one application because it will be active the whole time that Preppaamo is ongoing. The last Preppaamo group will end in 2018. If you get selected, you need to be registered as a jobseeker at TE-service before we can take you on board.

Next course will start 9th of January 2017. Please fill the application before 4th of December and your application will be noticed when we select our next group. After you have sent us the application we’ll invite you to have a conversation with us.

Categories of Preppaamo


During your time in Preppaamo, you have a chance to explore a live sound system and live mixing. You will also master a sound engineer’s basic skills and tricks. You will be the right hand of the audio engineer at Rytmikorjaamo. We offer you an amazing spot to work, see and hear the biggest and the best artists in Finland.

Lighting techts, screens and other equipments

During your time in Preppaamo, you will learn the basic skills of the lighting director. We will help you to find your inner lighting engineer and we offer you a chance to carry out environment lighting. You can also have a shot to show your skills in other gigs outside of Rytmikorjaamo if you have a good eye for lights!

Restaurant assistant

Being a restaurant assistant will help you to understand the catering business if you do not have a previous experience on it. As an assistant, you will be responsible for taking care of the tableware and other basic maintenance jobs in Rytmikorjaamo’s club nights. After you rule being a disher, you can start to find your inner bartender or learn everything about catering business!


You will be a part of our great team in club nights and private events. You will learn how to make and master a variety of drinks, wines and beers. We offer you a chance to accomplish your hygiene and alcohol passports. If you turn to be a superb in customer service, we can help you to find more bartender shifts in other restaurants and bars.


You will learn how to prepare luncheon, make tasty meals and plan menus. Preppaamo also offers you a chance to accomplish your passports in hygiene and alcohol. In Rytmikorjaamo, you have a great chance to serve the biggest and the best artists in Finland.

Financial management

If you are interested in financial management, now you have an excellent chance to gain and boost your basic knowledge in finance. Our economic secretary will help you to prepare the cash for club nights and show you how to do the settlements of accounts. You will also learn how to use cashier and other machines that we use for money flow.

Production manager

Have you always wanted to compose an event? Now you have a chance to find your inner production manager. We will show and teach you the basic tricks about how to create an event. You will be a part of our team and help us to plan new happenings at Rytmikorjaamo. When you feel that you know enough about events, you can design and hold you own happening. Now is time to stir up your creativity!


We hold about 150 different events in a year at Rytmikorjaamo. And every event needs a marketing. You will be a part of our team and help us to design and to execute the marketing strategies. During Preppaamo you get the basic information about marketing an event. If you are interested in graphic design, you can also learn the basics about image processing applications like Photoshop.


Rytmikorjaamo is constantly changing space. We held here about 150 different events in a year and every event needs an unique environment. If you are interested in decoration, we offer you a chance to show you skills and learn more about the subject! We have our own workshop where you can create new decorations and other things!

Event developer

Before we hold the event, we have to build it! Under this section, you will learn every trick about creating the constructions behind the scenes. We will need your help in Rytmikorjaamo but in the summertime you have a chance to help us built different festivals (like Provinssi) in Seinäjoki.

Property maintenance

Rytmikorjaamo as a place, needs a regular and a tender care. You have an opportunity to get to know the secrets of property maintenance. There are different repair jobs and fixing tasks in Rytmikorjaamo. After Preppaamo you have a good basic knowledge about being a property maintenancer.

Moving pictures and video

You have an opportunity to learn the basics of video making. We will document different events and edit and mould the material on the perfect shape. You will learn to use the different cameras and applications for creating and editing the videos. Now it’s time to be a creative!


In Preppaamo you can learn the fundamental of photography. Let’s find out and experiment with different techniques! You can also boost your digital post-processing skills. You will be a part of our marketing team and be responsible to photographing events, gigs or whatever you want. There are no limits but we expect a lot of pictures!

Music teacher

If you know your instrument inside out and you are interested widen your craft and talent in teaching, Preppaamo is a right place for you! Professional music teacher will prep and teach you and you have a chance to become an assistant to the music teacher in different music workshops in Rytmikorjaamo.

Security officer

We love to organise events and every event needs a person who take care of people and order. You have a chance to deepen security officer’s skills and do the Community Service Officer’s test at our expense. If you are brisk, alert and ready to learn, you are what we need!